People running on treadmills at the gym

Developing a regular exercise routine does wonders for our health, but it can be difficult to remain motivated before and during the workout.

Let’s face it, the act of working out itself is not always enjoyable. We do it largely for the results and future health benefits, but it can be difficult to push through the stress and pain of the actual exercises.

That’s why most people look for ways to take their minds off the actual work, commonly by listening to music.

Music not only produces a diversion but also renders the determination and stimulation required to maximize effort. You might not feel like going to the gym today, but put on your best music and all of a sudden you’re charged and ready to go.

This is where hearing aids can be valuable for those with hearing loss.

With compatible hearing aids, you can stream your favorite music straight from your music player or smartphone to your hearing aids—without any cables getting in the way.

As an alternative, if you’re in the learning frame of mind, you can also stream your favorite podcasts or internet courses, developing both your mental and physical health at the same time.

Have an exercise partner instead?

Modern hearing aid models, furnished with directional microphones, focus on and enhance speech while curbing background noise, making it easier to maintain a conversation with your partner in an active gym.

For all of these reasons hearing aids are worthwhile gym equipment, but you might be concerned about possible damage to the device from perspiration and moisture.

While the majority of hearing aid models are resistant to dust and moisture to some extent, there are a number of accessories you can use to preserve your hearing aids at the gym.

Give some thought to investing in:

  • Hearing aid sweatbands – these absorbent sleeves fit over your hearing aids, guarding them from sweat and dirt.
  • Hearing aid clips – helps to avoid damage or loss if your hearing aids become unexpectedly dislodged from your ears.
  • Batteries – maintaining an extra pair on hand ensures you won’t run out of power mid-workout.
  • Cleaning kits – helps clean and sanitize your hearing aids after your workout.
  • Hearing aid dehumidifier – well worth investing in for three reasons: dehumidifiers 1) eliminate moisture, 2) sanitize using UV light, and 3) provide a safe place for storage overnight.

With a little preparation, you can securely enjoy all the advantages of hearing aids at the gym.

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