For people who suffer from hearing loss, going to the movies can be a difficult task. They are dependent on lip-reading and hastily-completed closed captions in order to understand the story. However, in recent years there has been a significant amount of development on closed captioning glasses that can allow people with hearing loss to enjoy movies the same day that they come out. Here we will look at the benefits that are offered by these glasses and where they are being implemented.

Comfortable For Every Occasion

One of the best parts about these closed captioning glasses is that they are very user-oriented. They achieve this by having all of the access glasses able to fit over prescription glasses. The design is rather simple in this respect; they are oversized glasses with the caption-capturing technology mounted on the rims. They are also made to be light enough that they can be worn in just about any situation.

Concept Work

The concept of these glasses has been under construction for many years. Sony Entertainment and Regal Cinemas combined their efforts to produce the glasses. The chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas, Randy Smith, has spent many years trying to develop closed-captioning glasses that are usable in theaters. He holds these glasses in high regards, hoping that they will give people with hearing loss, like his son, a better sense of enjoyment out of the movies.

The Way They Function

The glasses have a rather simple design and can be customized for people with all needs. The glasses can be adjusted for brightness as well as for the area in the theater where the person is seated. However, they operate best when the individual is sitting in the middle of the theater seats.

After you have had the glasses configured to meet your needs, it is up to the sensors on the sides of the glasses to pick up the captioning information. It then interprets it in real time and sends the text to the glasses which is displayed directly in front of your eyes, appearing to be several feet in front of you. The end result is the ability to watch movies at one’s leisure, and bringing universal enjoyment to the theater.

A Trial Period

Right now the glasses can be found at 6,000 Regal Cinema screens across the nation. The trial period is set to run through the summer at which point the glass’s effectiveness will be rated and they will decide to expand or downsize the presence of the glasses in the theaters. Just about every individual with hearing loss is hoping that they see an upswing in ticket sales to drive the integration of these glasses.

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