Removing the earwax from your ears can be a very nasty process. Many people do not realize that it can also be hazardous to their hearing health. There are many different ways that people go about removing their ear wax at home, and they are all wrong. The only approved way to get rid of ear wax is to go to a trained audiologist. This article will examine three different ways that you are cleaning your ears wrong and why a doctor is a better choice.

Cotton Swabs

Perhaps the most dangerous way of cleaning your ears at home is also the most dangerous. Cotton swabs are typically wet with some solution and then mixed around in the ear until they feel clean. While this may draw some of the wax out of the ear, the majority of the wax is simply pushed against your inner ear, far out of reach. Also, many people go too far back in their ear and can damage their ear drum, causing hearing loss.

Ear Candles

One of the least worthwhile ways to go about cleaning ear wax from your ears at home is by using an ear candle. They claim that the hollow candle can be inserted into the ear and then the wick is lit, resulting in a vacuum being formed. After this, the wax is supposedly able to be pulled from one’s ear in a clump. The clump is never formed though, leaving you with a rather useless product and a nifty way of burning your hair or neck.

Ear Drops

Ear drops offer some relief to individuals when they are used correctly. To use them the right way, you need to pour the suggested amount into your ear, and then wait for a certain amount of time before dumping the contents out again. While this can remove some ear wax, more often than not, it merely prompts the person to dig into their ear with another cotton swab, pushing the wax deeper in the ear.

Professional Care

The safest and most effective way to have your ears cleaned of all wax is to go to a doctor. These trained professionals will be able to look into your ear and see where the problem is occurring. If it is found that you have an impaction or are producing too much ear wax for your ear to handle, then they can clear them for you. They have special tools which can be used for the purpose, and that pose a minimal risk to the over to your hearing health. They can also set you up with future appointments to keep your ears cleaned in the future.

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