As you age, one of the things that becomes more and more difficult to protect is your hearing. Whether it is repeated damage brought on by working in noisy environments or simply old age, there are many different ways that you can lose your hearing throughout your lifetime. However, there are foods that you can begin to eat that will give you some additional protection for your ears. We will take a look at several of these foods and see how they can affect your hearing health.


As it turns out, your parents were right that your veggies were good for you, but in more ways than they imagined. The thing about vegetables is that they have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, but the green ones in particular are loaded with free radical reducing elements. They help to flush your system of these dangerous cells, and can help reduce your cancer risk over the course of your life.

Citrus Fruits

Another delicious food that you can use to help cut the risk to your hearing loss is all varieties of citrus fruits. These fruits are full of vitamins that are able to boost your immunity to disease. When you have fewer infections to worry about in your life, that means that your hearing is less likely to take damage as a result of you being ill.

Bananas Are Wonderfully

Bananas are an easy food to mix into your diet. You can have them for breakfast or even use them as a snack throughout the day. The important part is that you get that ultra high dosage of magnesium at some point throughout the day. Each load of magnesium will help your ears to build up immunity to physical damage that is pumped at your ears by living your daily life.

A Little Chocolate

Another one of the most delicious foods that you can use to boost your hearing health is chocolate. However, this does not mean that you can go and raid the candy drawer; it is only dark chocolate in moderate amounts that helps you. It has a high content of zinc as well as antioxidants that help your ears to recover from damage more quickly, meaning that you have a better chance at not diminishing your long term hearing.


The final food that you can use to bolster your hearing is fish. Whether it is salmon or trout, there are many different types of fish that contain the all-important Omega-3 fatty acid. This helps to keep your heart in good shape, pumping blood throughout your body and ensuring that your ears are not starved of oxygen and nutrients throughout your life.

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