Going to work in the morning is a routine that most people carry out without complaint. They get their morning coffee and head to the job site like any other individual. However, there are many people who go to work and face the possibility that they can damage their hearing every single day. These people who brave the nosiest workplaces need to take precautions to protect their hearing as well. We will take a look at the noisiest workplaces as well as the protection that is offered to their workers.

Military Positions

One of the most dangerous and well-respected jobs in the world is serving in the military. Yet, this job has some of the most dangerous work environments that can be found. Even if an individual is not on the front lines of battle, there are many ways to lose your hearing. With airplanes and helicopters taking off and transport machines being used all across a base, you can be exposed to deafening sounds on a regular basis.


Many people think that working as a nightclub bartender is something that they should aspire to, but they do not realize the terrible danger that they put their hearing in. The loud music can cause temporary hearing loss in people that often manifests as a ringing or buzzing. For people who work in the clubs all night, five nights a week, they are putting themselves at a severe risk for hearing loss.

Being a Miner

Another one of the most dangerous jobs in terms of your hearing health is mining. These jobs require long hours to be spent under the earth while locating valuable materials to keep industry moving forward. It also requires the use of explosives and heavy drills to get through the sediment and to the valued material. For people that work in the mines, it is crucial to wear ear plugs to prevent hearing impairment or total loss over time.


For anyone that has ever driven by a jackhammer that is being operated, you know the absolutely ear-splitting sound that they can produce.  For the individuals that are holding the machines while they are in operation, there is an entirely different amount of damage that they can do. Even wearing sound suppressant ear coverings, the worker can still experience long term hearing loss.


Agriculture is the cornerstone of society and productive living. The people who are in charge of growing and harvesting the food put themselves into a life that is wrought with long hours and dangers to their hearing. For example, tractors are just one machine that a farmer will ride throughout a work day, and they are loud enough to cause hearing discomfort. While the sound will not cause acute hearing loss, it can damage hearing over time.

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