With numerous charities available to consider, picking one may feel like a daunting task. You should consider where your money is going, how it is being used, and if the organization is trustworthy. You can become a part of one of many national and international charity organizations that lend their time and resources to helping those in need of better hearing health.

Hearing Health Foundation – Hearing Health Foundation was founded in the 1950s by Collette Baker Ramsey to help serve people with hearing loss. The organization has two main areas of focus. One is research into new treatments and cures for hearing loss. The other is hearing loss prevention through public education. Currently, the foundation is researching a cure for tinnitus, which is ringing in your ears that often signals a loss of hearing. If you wish to contribute to Hearing Health Foundation, there are several ways to help. The foundation accepts one-time gifts and monthly donations, as well as other financial contributions. You can write and share a personal experience with hearing loss, assist in fundraising, and even name a research grant. Learn more or join today on their official website at www.hearinghealthfoundation.org.

Hearing Loss Association of America – With 14 state organizations, Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) leads the way in the U.S. as the largest national organization for sufferers of hearing loss. HLAA provides education, resources, and support to people with hearing loss and to their families. HLAA also strives to help the public through legislation and awareness. You can begin by signing up for their newsletter, becoming a member of the organization, or registering for one of their bi-annual fundraiser walks called Walk4Hearing. Donations are also accepted online at www.hearingloss.org.

Starkey Hearing Foundation – Starkey Hearing Foundation reaches an international audience with its 3 main services programs named Hear Now, Listen Carefully, and Hearing Aid Recycling. Their Hearing Aid Recycling program offers a place for you to donate your old hearing aids as gifts to those who can‚Äôt otherwise afford them. The Hear Now program focuses on providing hearing aids to those who cannot afford them on their own. Listen Carefully is an educational program aimed at young people to educate them about the harm that loud noise and headphone use can cause. For the most up-to-date information of the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s activities and current needs visit their website at www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org.

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