One of the most difficult choices that face people who go to a doctor for their hearing health is whether to go to a big box store or a professional audiologist. Too often, people are being enticed by the promise of low prices and a form of healthcare that resembles a fast food restaurant. However convenient it may be, the simple fact of the matter is that Costco and any other major retailer will not be able to offer the same form of health coverage that is extended by an audiologist. Here we will look at three reasons why you should only go to an audiologist.

Lowest Costs

Many people will go into the big box stores and see the low prices on the signs, deciding to pay the kiosk a visit. However, what they do not know is that there are a variety of different back end prices that will raise the overall costs to a much higher level than you would see at an audiologist.

Another aspect of this low costs is that an audiologist is more likely to take your insurance, keeping your out of pocket costs to a minimum. Also, they will not hit you with fees as you are walking out of the door for fitting and adjusting the device.

Great Products

Another reason that you should only go to a hearing specialist like an audiologist for your hearing needs is the fact that they have access to all of the best medical equipment. Not only are the hearing aids that are offered by box stores inferior, but the people working at the kiosks are not trained to tune them like an audiologist. In essence, they can fit you for one, but it takes someone with a deeper knowledge of the product to successfully maintain one for you.

Professional Care

An audiologist is a doctor that has been trained to identify ailments of the inner and middle ear in order to help people claim the best possible hearing outcome. This involves many different facets such as being dedicated to the person, and not seeing them as a source of income. That is the mistake that many of the box stores make, they want to see you so that they can generate income, and not so that they can help you hear well.

Most importantly, an audiologist can diagnose the reason for your hearing loss, and then suggest other methods of treatment that may or may not include a hearing aid after all. They are always looking out for your best interests, and you should take the time to do that as well.

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